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Customized Social Media set up and design, ongoing Social Media management and content development, blogging, email marketing, association management, data management and small business website design. Harrisburg, Hershey, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Email Marketing

The discipline to develop best practices and stick to them is what often separates a mediocre communications plan from a great one. This includes the discipline required to only send content you know your audience will value. It also includes the discipline to adhere to a consistent brand including the look, feel and messaging.

Writing a good email is a unique skill that is very different from writing for a publication or even writing for the web. SO Tactics understands how people actually read email and knows online organizing principles.

SO Tactics can provide the materials, tools and strategy to:

  • Identify the goals of the your communications
  • Develop the appropriate content for each audience
  • Create professionally designed HTML email templates
  • Use automation to create conversations and personalize the experience
  • Provide metrics on who’s reading what, who’s clicking where and overall effectiveness
  • Grow your list with subscribers who fit your ideal target audience