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Why You Need a Website

Read an article last week entitled “Some businesses say no to web.” Being a digital agency and advocate of the power of the web, we wondered what could possibly cause a business to choose not to have a web presence? Surprisingly, 55% of small businesses don’t have a website according to a 2013 study conducted by Google.


The biggest reasons given? Time and money. It will take too much time and it will cost too much money. Here are a few reasons to find the time and the money:

1.     You need to be found. How will potential customers know you exist? Provide content for your website that will ensure you are found. Think about your current customers – what were they looking for in your product/service? What is unique about your customers? How do you serve them? Think about what potential customers would be looking for and clearly indicate with your website content that you can fulfill those needs.

2.     Your customers expect it – even if they can’t order online, it’s a great way to share your contact information and business hours. We have one client who didn’t want a website, so we created a company Facebook page. A Google search will find their Facebook page, display their phone number & address and lists their hours of operation. Use Facebook, create a Google Places profile, set up a YouTube account for video demonstrations (more ideas here – just get online.

3.     It adds legitimacy to your business – still using Gmail or your Internet service provider email address? Stop! Get a domain for your business, get a professional .com email address, set up a one page website – stake a claim for your brand (Need more convincing? See our Protecting Your Online Reputation series!)

4.     It will save you time – having your information available on the web will cut down on phone calls. It gives people an opportunity to do information gathering on their own. When they choose to call you after reviewing your website, you can bet the call will be more productive.

5.     It will make you money – it will boost your sales and bring customers in. Having a website gives you the opportunity to compete. You can go local and specify your niches. Search engines optimize results based on geographical proximity – making sure your website includes your location makes the most of this.

Don’t stand on the sidelines by not being on the web – you’re letting customers and opportunity pass you by! Having a website will always be a good return on investment.